Policy Information for Potential New Patients:

Because my first commitment is to my existing patients, sometimes it may take me as long as 48 hours to return an inquiry for treatment. Please understand that I may not be able to return your phone call immediately as I may be handling urgent care for existing patients, but I will get back to you. If you let me know how late in the evening that I may call and to what number or better, an email contact, I can often get back to you sooner.

Once we have made contact, we will establish an initial consultation time that I will reserve for you and not give to anyone else. Because of this time commitment on my part, I have a cancellation policy of 7 days for an initial consultation and

I have a cancellation policy 48 hours for existing patients where you would be financially responsible for the consultation time except in the case of serious illness. I ask all new patients to bring either a credit card or check to the first session to pay for this initial consultation at the time of the meeting. Future sessions are billed monthly.

In the conversation where we determine our initial meeting time I will explain my fees and give you a password for the forms and for further information about my practice.

A frequently asked question is whether I accept insurance. I no longer am able to accept insurance as it has become impossibly complicated and problematic to be on insurance panels. I do provide you with an invoice at the end of the month that you can send to your insurance company and they will often reimburse some amount toward my services as an out of network provider.

Typically for a new patient, child or adult, I need 60 minutes to help determine a treatment plan. If an adult is consulting me to continue an existing medication plan, I may only need 45 minutes for the first meeting.

In the case of evaluating a child (under 18), I will need to have a separate meeting with the child’s parents as well as a meeting with the child. Both parents will need to agree to the assessment or I will need a clarification that one has the legal right to establish the assessment unilaterally. In general if the child is under 13, I will often meet with the parents prior to meeting with the child.

To request a refill of your medication please fill out this form: Medication Refill Request