Conditions Treated

For adults, I treat psychiatric conditions including states of depression and/or mania, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive concerns, impulse disorders, substance abuse issues. adult ADD, sleep disturbances, stress related medical complications.

For adults I treat psychological conditions including relationship struggles, grief, work related issues, and self esteem concerns.

For children, I treat conditions including anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, learning issues, Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression and mood regulation, impulse disorders and oppositional disorders, and family conflict.

For adolescents, I treat those conditions above as well as substance abuse, school-learning struggles, social relations issues and self esteem issues.

My treatment options may include individual psychotherapy, family therapy, couple therapy, cognitive therapy, parenting therapy, or pharmacological therapy.

My treatment recommendations could include referral for further testing, more extensive cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, or various environmental interventions.