How I Work

My approach varies depending on the need of the individual, the couple or the family. I work collaboratively with my patients. I attempt as broad of a view of each individual as possible. I look at environmental, social, psychological, and biological forces; and use this holistic view when considering the designing of a course of treatment for an individual. My goal is to see the whole person and to integrate as many healthy approaches as the person is open to so that it facilitate a more complete and lasting healing of underlying problems.

I have intentionally trained in a wide range of treatment modalities: psychodynamic, narrative, family systems, cognitive behavioral, Jungian, psychopharmacological and others, so that I can draw from these modalities to design a treatment approach suited specifically to each individual or family.

The following link describes the natural environment at my Los Angeles practice and its function in a therapeutic context:

I try to work as economically as possible with individuals, couples and families both for cost efficiency as well as my experience that when people work actively on their issues, they tend to feel better sooner.

The Process of Evaluation:

After the initial phone contact where I will try to determine your immediate needs and get enough back background to be sure my training will be helpful with your concerns I will schedule a 60 minute interview with your and/or your family member. I often find it helpful to have you send me a historical summary by email prior to this meeting so I have a more long range sense of the issue.