Who I Am

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I am a board certified child and adult psychiatrist in private practice for 30 years. I am highly trained to do psychiatric evaluations, various types of psychotherapy and medication consultations for psychiatric conditions.

My training which allows me to help you involves a wide range of experiences over more than 30 years as a practicing psychiatrist. I have served as the director of a medication clinic for 10 years at a community mental health clinic as well as the supervisor of family therapy at this clinic for 10 years. I have been supervising child psychiatry trainees for many years at UCLA school of medicine as well as serving as the co-director of the program to provide psychotherapy for medical students and staff. I served as the admitting and supervising psychiatrist for several residential treatment center in the Los Angeles area over a number of years. Prior to medical school at UCSF, I had specialized in child development studies at Yale University where I received my B.A. I also worked on staff at the Yale Department of Psychiatry’s primary inpatient hospital for adolescents. Additionally I taught second and third grade at a school connected to the Yale Child Study Center where I received a solid grounding in normal child development.

My formal training following medical school at University of California, San Francisco, I trained in Adult Psychiatry at UCLA and the Sepulveda VA hospital and did additional adult psychiatric training at Stanford University. Following this, I undertook additional training in child psychiatry at UCLA and later, did a research fellowship with national institute of mental health looking at issues in both adult and childhood development.